The Gentlemen of Campisi


Finals week just passed at Santa Clara University and, as is tradition, some of my friends, Paul, Gordon, Ryan & Duncan, were looking for a way to distract themselves from the laptop screens, energy drinks, and desk lamps that had consumed their lives all week. This photo shoot did just that. We went out to the O’Connor Hall archway at around 10pm when the only ones out were the occasional student cycling or long boarding by on their way either to or from the library. The guys were dressed perfectly for some classy photos in a classic old-style setting. Continue reading

Santa Cruz Model Shoot – 8/6/11


Summer was coming to an end which meant it was time for Robert Linggi and I to do another collaborative photo shoot. Lizzie, Kristie, and Carey volunteered to be our models, so we headed off to Santa Cruz. Our schedules only allowed us to shoot on a weekend this year which meant we were battling the crowds, but we ended up finding some secret spots and getting some great photos. Continue reading

Blue Eyed Girl: Best Digital Photo at Adobe Tech Summit 2011

Alex in the Water

The main reason I am writing this post is to thank Alex Tibbitts, the beautiful model in this photograph, for helping me make this photo that recently won best digital photograph at the Adobe Systems Technology Summit 2011 art show. Continue reading

Campisi Family Portraits


On January 16, 2011, Alison, Audrey, Lauren, and Vaniah decided to go out into the Mission Gardens at Santa Clara University for a photo shoot. We brought a couple lights, a reflector, a portable stereo, and an ipod loaded with all of their favorite songs and it was a big success. Santa Clara turns into a magical place for photography during the “Golden Hour.” Continue reading

Mersereau Family Portraits

Mersereau Family Portraits

For my shoot with Larry, Mikayla, Sophia, and Ben Mersereau, they suggested we go to Griffith Quarry in Penryn, CA and it ended up being a great idea. There were plenty of trees whose leaves were just beginning to change color for the fall letting in just a hint of sunlight. As any photographer who has photographed a baby knows, we had to work fast, but we ended up with some great shots. Continue reading

Portraits: Alex the Harpist, Part 3

Alex and her Harp

You saw part 1 and part 2 of my photo shoot with Alex. Here are the photos from the third segment of our shoot. For this part, we went to a park in Davis near Alex’s house and basically lugged the harp and a plethora of lighting and camera equipment into the forest. I think the joggers and walkers enjoyed hearing her play as I set up my lights. Continue reading

Santa Cruz Photo Shoot


On August 11, Robert and I started packing the car at 6:00am for our highly anticipated photo shoot in Santa Cruz, California. By the time we were done filling the car with gear we had loaded four camera bodies, six lenses, four speedlights, two umbrellas, a reflector, various light stands, a set of cybersyncs, and an ice chest full of water, root beer and coke. When the girls arrived, they piled in and we took off to Santa Cruz. Continue reading

Portrait Shoot: Alex and her Harp, Part 2


Here it is, the second set (of three) from my photo shoot with Alex. This segment of the shoot was done in her house using studio lighting and no natural light. This is the only part of the shoot where we didn’t use natural light. I had Alex make a playlist of her favorite rock and hip hop songs and we went to shooting. This was probably the most energetic of the three parts of the shoot. Continue reading